August 5, 2021

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Courtlee Rodrigues- an entrepreneur with humble begins

From Construction, to loans to ghost writing consultation, Courtlee Rodrigues’ Congruence international has everything you need.

The 26 year old entrepreneur has had the entity running for roughly six years after realizing that his business was beginning to grow beyond his expectations allowing him to quit his job and become a full time entrepreneur.

“The name of my company is Congruence International and it has various branches. Each branch has a different function. Congruence Penmanship does ghost writing.

Hinds Designs does home improvement and furnishings along with construction. Crafty Nurse handles designing and arts and craft related things. Congruence Shipping does online shopping and shipping, while Congruence Currencies does loans of any amount”

Congruence International list of services

The entrepreneur who hails from Sophia discussed his humble beginnings in an exclusive interview with this news cast on his journey as an entrepreneur and where his journey began.

“As a child, my mother would have us do sales when she was out of work. We would usually sell baked goods (pastries) or fruit or at one point, we sold plants. Entrepreneurship was a back up plan for unemployment at the time but as I grew older, I realized that business is the area that allows a person to increase their income exponentially. More income and opportunities would mean a greater ability to give back to the world and I’ve always preferred freedom and the leeway to work as I see fit”

After pursuing a career in the military and subsequently leaving to join John Fernandes group of companies the business set out to provide retail and other services as a means of extra income until it grew to the point where the time needed to run the operation began to infringe on his work time, leading him to pursue his passion for business on a full time basis.

“When asked by this publication on what his next set of business endeavors would entail Courtlee had this to say

“I’m venturing into the communications sections sector. Before January 6, 2045, I’ll be one of the First Guyanese on the Forbes’s list of richest people and I will have a net worth in excess of 44 million USD. I’ll be a Billionaire before my death.”

His services can be accessed through his Facebook and Instagram pages Congruence International or call 655-1356.

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