May 8, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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“Killa’s” message to Roger Khan

Police have confirmed to the Guyana Guardian that the investigation in the gunning down of Ricardo Fagundez called ‘ paper shorts’ remains active and that investigators are following all possible leads with the hope that the gunmen and the intellectual authors of the crime, could be brought to justice.

In the meantime, Rondell Bacchus, the man who was arrested by the police last week in relation to the execution-style killing of Fagundes and who was days later released from police custody, has a message for Fagundez associate, convicted drug kingpin, Shaeed Roger Khan.

In a publicized interview on Social media Sunday evening, Fagundez while being interview by investigative Journalist Travis Chase, made a sobbing appeal to Khan. ‘ I want Mr. Khan to know, that I didn’t kill his son’. Khan has already hailed the one-time Gold dealer as his ‘son’ asserting that whoever killed his ‘son’ launched an attack on his family and Fagundez’s friends and ultimately his home.

Bacchus continued ‘ I was never approached to kill paper shorts, nobody can’t come to me with that- I had no part of this-none at all Mr. Khan, please know that- the police framing me- that was not me on CCTV cameras…I would glad to tell you this personally Mr. Khan.’

He claimed that police knows who the real killers are ‘ Mr. Khan, if I had done something like that I won’t have turned myself in…I had no part of that Mr. Khan…NONE…’Bacchus blurted out.

Police said that Bacchus turned himself into the police last Tuesday about an hour after a wanted bulletin was issued for him in connection with the murder of Fagundes.

Fagundes was gunned down outside of the Palm Court bar on Main Street, Georgetown, on April 21. He was shot approximately 22 times. According to the police, Fagundes was having drinks with a colleague in Palm Court when he exited the club to bring a vehicle belonging to Khan closer to the entrance of  Palm court.

Shortly after Fagundes exited Palm Court, police said, several loud explosions were heard. Fagundes was later found lying in a pool of blood on the road. His body bore several gunshot wounds.

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