June 15, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Handyman reportedly stole $121,000 in shampoo /personal products from security guard

47-y-o Leon Parang a security guard attached to Andre Mineral Trading of Baramita Village, North West District was allegedly robbed by a handyman of the company sometime between last Saturday and Monday.

According to reports, the victim and the suspect shared the same apartment.

On Monday, at about 16:30hrs, the victim was in the apartment taking a nap when he woke up and saw the suspect leaving the room with one of the victim’s cologne in his pocket.

The victim then shouted at the suspect and told him to return his cologne which he did and went away.

The victim immidiately made checks and observed the following items missing,
Two (2) shampoo and conditioner sets valued $40000, two (2) bottles of colognes value $45000, and two (2) bottles of cream value $36000, total value $121000.

The matter was later reported. The suspect was contacted told of the allegation, arrested and placed in custody. None of the stolen items were recovered. Investigations are ongoing.

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