April 18, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Police Constable beaten, robbed by five bandits

24-y-o Razeem Ibrahim, a Police Constable stationed at Brickdam Police Station attached to the enquires office was reportedly robbed of one gold chain, one gold band and one gold ring, total valve at $600,000 on Monday at Longpond, Sister Village, WBD, by five bandits.

According to reports, the Victim had just exited his motor car to go purchase some items from a shop in the area, when he was approached by the two of the men. One held on to his neck from behind, while the other punched him to his face.

However, the victim put up a resistance and as a result, the other three Males then joined in and began hitting the victim several time about his body with a bottle.

They subsequently took away the items mentioned and made good their escape on foot.

Investigations are ongoing.

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