May 8, 2021

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Woman says she knifed ex-boyfriend to death in self-defence

Stabbed to death, Darren Harris

A woman, who confessed to the police that she knifed her ex-boyfriend to death on Thursday last, is claiming that she killed him in self-defence. Her ex-lover, Darren Harris, a cook, of ‘E’ Field, Cummings Park, Sophia, was reportedly stabbed three times around 21:30 hrs.

A police report detailed that he was stabbed once to his left-side chest and twice to his upper back.

Eyewitnesses told the cops that the stabbing occurred on the E Field main road, not far from where the woman lived. One of them recounted that they had heard Harris and the woman involved in an intense argument.

That individual peeped outside just in time to see Harris falling to the ground, and the woman running away.
The woman who was arrested mere hours after the stabbing, told detectives that she and Harris had a scuffle and he chopped her to her hands with a knife.

She further alleged that in retaliation, she managed to take away the knife from Harris and stabbed him. The woman continued in her statement that she proceeded to throw away the weapon and run away.

Other eyewitnesses who spoke with this media house said that Harris had attacked the woman first, while she was on her way home from work. They added too that Harris’ friends were there with him when he approached her. The two started arguing and things became physical quickly.

When Harris fell to the ground, recalled those eyewitnesses, his friends began chasing the woman presumably to apprehend her.
The woman’s father, Ivan Nedd, said that he was home when his daughter came running towards the gate pursued by a “bunch of people.”
“I recalled her saying, ‘daddy, daddy open quick,’ but before I could do so she jumped over the fence and ran inside,” recounted Nedd.

He reportedly ran behind her and locked the door as her pursuers attempted to forcefully enter his yard. Nedd remembered arming himself with a cutlass to defend his daughter and himself just in case they got in.

“They started pelting bottles into the house, when that didn’t work, they began brukking up my canter,” he related.

A dead Harris lying on the ground after he was stabbed
The canter that Harris’ friends allegedly vandalised, while trying to capture his stabber.

Shortly after, said Nedd, the police arrived and he asked his daughter “what happened?”
He recalled that she began to cry and said, “Big Six (Harris), chop me and I stab he.”
It was then, continued Nedd that he saw his daughter bleeding from a “chop wound” to her hands.

“I told her, don’t worry baby, go with the police, you will have to go with them,” narrated Nedd.
Police had reported too, that when ranks arrested the woman, they noticed she was indeed wounded between her right index finger and ring finger. They reportedly took her to hospital, where she was treated and then escorted to the lock-ups.

Guyana Guardian learnt from the woman’s sister, Loraine Pierson, that she (the woman) had begun a relationship with Harris in January this year. Harris had reportedly moved in with the woman at her father’s home since then. However, things started to go sour between them after Harris became abusive.

“It was like he had a jealous problem – he would get vex with her for speaking to certain friends and so,” said Pierson.
“Things started to get out of hand in the relationship and my sister decided to break it off,” Pierson added.
That relationship reportedly ended last Saturday night, when the woman told Harris that it was over and ordered him to leave her house at once. Nedd, her father, said that he was home when she decided to “put Harris out.”

“It was a big argument and he started to behave disorderly, so I had to intervene and tell him to get out – I even instructed my daughter to put his clothes at the gate,” Nedd recalled.
He added that Harris did not want to leave and had threatened them.
“He broke a bottle and said that he was gonna stab us up.”

Nedd claimed that Harris eventually left after a neighbour came over.
“I then went down to the Turkeyen Police Station and lodged a report against him for threatening us,” continued Nedd.
To Nedd’s disappointment, the cops never made any efforts to arrest or caution Harris. Following that report, Nedd claimed, Harris began harassing his daughter everyday on the road until the time of his death.

A male friend of the woman said she had asked him earlier on Thursday to follow her to catch a bus because Harris would frequently “embarrass her” on the bus park.

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