June 25, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Princes St sluice operations ‘under control,’ Deputy Mayor says

-city council to take disciplinary action over flooding

A business place which was visited by the Civil Defence (CDC) team after being flooded on Sunday. (CDC photo)

In the aftermath of the flooding that affected hundreds of residents on Sunday due to the failure of an operator to close a sluice gate at Princes Street, Deputy Mayor Alfred Mentore yesterday said the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) has the situation well in hand while adding that persons responsible would be reprimanded.

“It’s something that we have under control at this time,” Mentore told Guyana Guardian during a telephone interview yesterday, while noting that the city engineer and the people who are manning the sluice “were on top” of the situation from the start.

He noted that there was a problem with the sluice door which they were aware of and it couldn’t be closed as a result.

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