May 8, 2021

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Roger Khan was the intended target in Main street execution – sources

Shaheed “Roger” Khan

 The bullets that riddled the body of popular gold dealer, Ricardo Fagundes better known as “Paper Shorts,” may not have been intended for him, but rather his close associate, Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan, sources disclosed to Kaieteur News.

Fagundes was executed on March 21, last, in front of popular nightclub, Palm Court, at 22:00 hrs. Guyana Guardian was told that shortly before the shooting, he was seen entering the nightclub with Roger Khan and another associate.

While many theories float as to why anyone would want to harm Fagundes, sources close to the investigations presented a clear outline of the assumption.

Gunned down, Ricardo Fagundes

It was said that both Fagundes and Khan were identically dressed at the time of the shooting. They both were sporting an all-black attire with accompanying black hats. This, according to the source was said to be “coincidental.”

Added to that, Khan and Fagundes are said to have to same height and built, not to mention, Fagundes would regularly drive Khan’s black Ford pick-up – as he was that evening.

It was disclosed that moments before the shooting, as the nightclub was beginning to shut its doors, Fagundes was reportedly heading to bring the vehicle closer to the gate, so that Khan and his associate could depart.

It was then that the gunmen struck.

A screen grab of the video showing when Fagundes was executed

Video footage obtained from a CCTV camera showed Fagundes exiting the nightspot located at Main Street, Georgetown, and walking towards a black Ford pick-up.

At that moment, two men armed with guns exited the backseat of the heavily tinted Toyota Fielder, which was parked on the western lane of Main Street. One of the gunmen was clothed in a white jersey and dark coloured long pants, while the other had on a white t-shirt and a light coloured short pants along with a black fanny pack that hung around his shoulders.

From the CCTV footage, the two men accosted Fagundes and immediately opened fire at him. Fagundes attempted to run and hide behind the pick-up, but faced continuous fire. Seconds later, he collapsed in front of the pick-up.

The gunmen then stood over Fagundes’ body and shot him several times before making good their escape. Sources noted that this could be termed as “over kill.”

Investigators had also located a burnt out car at Swan Village on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway, found hours after the gold dealer’s execution. This is believed to be the same one his executioners used to get away from the scene.

According to information received, the case file has been passed to the Major Crimes Unit (MCU), with no arrests made up to press time.

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