June 15, 2021

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Brawl at Lusignan Prison leaves 2 injured

The new holding area of Lusignan Prison

A brawl at the Lusignan Prison, East Coast Demerara (ECD) on Tuesday has left two inmates receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

The incident reportedly occurred about 00:20h in Bays Three and Four of the penitentiary. The injured men are Kenty Bacchus and Linden Lewis.

Based on reports received, Bacchus, who was in Bay Three, was attacked by several other prisoners from Bay Two after they gained access by scaling the fence. During the attack, Bacchus was chopped several times about his body.

The other injured prisoner, Lewis sustained chop wounds to his left hand.
The fight was quickly brought under control by prison officers who were on duty. The two injured men were escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where they were admitted.

Only three days ago, a prisoner, who was on remand on a murder charge at the Lusignan Prison, was chopped several times about his body by two inmates.

Ceylon David, called “Tallman”, was brutally chopped by fellow inmates after he was accused of “snitching” to authorities about contraband concealed at the facility.
It was reported that David was allegedly assaulted then chopped multiple times about his body by a prisoner, who is also on remand for murder, and another who was convicted and is serving time at the facility.

It is alleged that the suspects armed themselves with improvised weapons and dealt David several chops to the body, causing him to sustain injuries to the face, hand, and foot. The victim managed to escape and summoned the prison officers.
The improvised weapons used to commit the act were recovered.

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