May 8, 2021

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Police Constable slams into parked car killing girlfriend

Police Constable, 23-y-o Terry Samuels of Good Hope, East Coast Demerara is now under close arrest following an accident on the  Hibernia Public Road, Essequibo Coast on Saturday at about 13:20hrs which resulted in the death of his girlfriend, Simon Williams.

According to reports, Constable Samuels went to the home of his Girlfriend of Good Hope, Essequibo Coast Region 2 and proceeded to Anna Regina Essequibo coast. The woman was seated in the front passenger seat where they spend sometime in Anna Regina conducting business. After conducting the business, they were returning to Good Hope, Essequibo Coast.

While in the vicinity of Suddie, an argument developed between Williams and Samuels.

She accused him of having an affair with another woman. The argument continued along the journey until they reached the Hibernia Pblic Road. According to Samuels, Williams held on to the steering wheel and pulled it to the left

The police then pulled the wheel to right where he lost control of the car and collided to motor car PPP 4196 which was parked on the eastern parapet of Hibernia Essequibo Coast Public Road.

Williams received injuries to her body. She was taken out of the car by public spirited citizen and escort to the Suddie Public Hospital where she was seen and examined by Doctor who pronounced her dead on arrival.

The body is now presently at Suddie Public Hospital Mutuary awaiting a Post Motem Examination.

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