May 8, 2021

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Family not satisfied with suspension of negligent healthcare workers for death of Berbice mother, newborn

                                                                Dead: Vanessa Lewis-Sahadeo

Following the announcement by Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony that those responsible for the deaths of Vanessa Sahadeo and her newborn child were suspended, family members have expressed dissatisfaction with the punishment, and are calling for tougher penalties against the healthcare workers.

“I am not satisfied with that,” the deceased father, Eric Lewis told this publication in an interview on Friday.

On Thursday, Dr Anthony related that one doctor and two nurses were suspended after they were found to be negligent in taking care of their patient, 31-year-old Sahadeo and her newborn baby.

After giving birth to her fourth child at the New Amsterdam Hospital on February 26, Sahadeo was transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GHPC) in an unconscious state where she succumbed a few hours later.

She was rushed to the city medical facility after reportedly developing complications at the New Amsterdam Hospital where the newborn baby had died.

However, the distraught father called for justice for his daughter and grandchild. He related that it is a very serious issue and the announcement made by the health Minister is disappointing.

“This is murder… murderers don’t get suspended, it has manslaughter or murder charge,” he said in a very strong voice.

There are reports that the woman’s bladder was cut during the delivery and according to Lewis, that is unacceptable. An autopsy performed on the woman indicated that she suffered extensive bleeding.

Meanwhile, Regional Chairman David Armogan while addressing the Region Six RDC on Thursday explained that since the incident, pregnant mothers have lost confidence in the Maternity Department at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

“What happened after that death, the Maternity Ward virtually became empty because people lost confidence in the maternity section and as a result of that all those who were preparing to get babies went away. I don’t know where they went and got their babies but a lot of them picked up their bags and walked,” the Regional Chairman noted.

Only Thursday another newborn baby reportedly died at the New Amsterdam Hospital and to date, the institution has not issued a statement.

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