April 18, 2021

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Thieves drink communion wine during church break-in

A ransacked section of the church

MEMBERS of the St. Andrew’s Parish Church, located at Cove and John, East Coast Demerara, were, on Sunday morning, alerted that their sanctuary was broken into and raided by suspected thieves.  Annie Charles, a lay minister of the church, explained that due to the pandemic, the congregation has been meeting virtually and at a sister church in an effort to follow the COVID-19 protocols.

Charles told the Guyana Guardian that a member of the church was on her way to Sunday service at another location when she observed that the back door of the church was open. This was suspicious as no one was scheduled to be there.

The back door of the church where the perpetrators are believed to have gained entry

The member immediately alerted Charles and a few other ministers and, after investigating, it was discovered that the church had been burgled.

While it is uncertain what time the crime took place, Charles disclosed that the perpetrators had a “bawl” and were able to escape with several valuables.

“We come in here and this is what we meet…This time they took the water dispenser. They took the keyboard. They drink out the wine– we have a barrel. They tried to take the television but it’s sealed in a grill,” she said.

Additionally, the woman disclosed that she believes that the perpetrators were in search of money since they ransacked the building and tore apart sections of the altar.
She noted that they also had a “feast” as they opened a few tins of canned food that the church had packed away for donation purposes and ate the contents.

They also drank the church’s communion wine and left cigarette buds behind the altar.
Charles disclosed that this is the fourth time the church has been robbed.

The woman stated that police made little effort to investigate the previous incidents.
The latest break-in was reported to the police and senior members of the church are currently in the process of estimating the cost of the stolen items and the damage done by the thieves.

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