May 8, 2021

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Curtly Lake the new musical sensation that you need to hear about.

Curtly, who's currently spearheading the music movement in the region of Essequibo has been turning heads with his new single "When a Dead".

Without a doubt the music industry in Guyana has been booming with new talent and just as we’ve thought that we had seen it all, there’s always something left to surprise us.

In this case that surprise isn’t just anybody, that surprise is Curtly Lake who goes by the alias “Kurt Lee”.

The sound originating for the Essequibo region has sparked sensation on social media after the music video for his song “when a dead” went viral on Facebook.

The dancehall artiste had ventured outside his primary genre of music (dancehall) to record the hit(soca), an ability that very few artiste have managed to pull off even within our local music industry.

The song, encompassing the partly-like funeral culture in the Caribbean tells the tale in a rather delightful manner, the thoughts of the average party-goer with regards to their home going service.

” To be able to showcase a part of our culture and the party culture that exists in the funeral averagments of the average partying man or woman is definitely something big for me. I wanted to be able to be controversial but in a good way”

Those were the expressions of Curtly Lake the artiste who had came up with the song.

“There’s also a lot of talent in Essequibo that hasn’t been taped into. I actually have a whole team of artiste that I work with to also get them out there “

Curtly, who’s currently spearheading the music movement in the region Hopes to assist other premier artiste with getting the recognition they deserve. The artiste has also had several leading singles on his youtube channel including “Axio”, “confession” and “War machine” all within the genre of dancehall music.

The artiste also promises fans the release of over 7 mixtapes that are radio and television ready.

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