June 25, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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A&J Snackette- the best culinary delight on the east coast

The food and catering industry has been booming in Guyana for a number of years and even in a pandemic the industry has been seeing an extensive amount of growth.

One of the key Snackettes that have grown, in particular within the east coast area is A&J Snackette.

Headed by culinary expert and professional chef Osannie Collins the Snackette offers a wide range of food items to choose from.

From those cheese filled pastries that we all delight in to tender baby back barbecue ribs with an array of sides to choose from.

“I wanted to bring a certain standard when it came to food. The culinary arts isn’t something to play around. Its serious business”

Those were the comments of CEO Osannie Collins.

The Snackette also caters for corporate and private events along with weddings and any other occasion you can think off.

Located at the junction of the dazel housing scheme line top the location allows for quick drive by pick ups.

“The location is convenient that’s why we choose it. You can drop by or even get a quick meal in the go”

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