May 8, 2021

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Riverview business woman, family severely beaten and robbed

The premises where the family was robbed.

Guyana Guardian  – On Saturday, two bandits one armed with a knife and the other with a handgun inflicted a beating on a businesswoman and her family before escaping with their valuables.

According to a police report, the incident occurred at 12: 15hrs; the victims were Premkumarie Singh, 49, the businesswoman; her two daughters Nardai Singh, 29, Kuntie Singh, 24; and her eight-year-old grandson all of Riverview, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara.

Speaking with Guyana Guardian, one of the victims, Kuntie, related that she was in the shop along with her mother, her pregnant sister and nephew, when two men came in and asked if they were selling cigarettes. She explained that she sold them the cigarettes but one of the men was taking a while to find change.

After paying, the men then asked for a lighter; while giving them the lighter, she noticed one of them had his hand under the counter and was acting in a suspicious way. She stated that they next called for two Banks beers – while she was handing them the beers, one of the men called for a Guinness instead. Kuntie said that she handed the man the Guinness but she observed that he still had his hand under the counter.

She stated that the suspect then removed his hand from under the counter and pointed a gun at her. He then jump through an opening at the counter and grabbed her by her neck and carried her near her other family members that were in the shop at the time.

Kuntie recalled that the men demanded cash and jewelry from them. One of the suspects then hit her mother with his gun to her chin and continued hitting the older woman about her head.
They then assaulted the two sisters as well, demanding that they hand over the jewellery they were wearing. After collecting the victims’ belongings, the men carried them to another section of the house and told them to lie down on the ground.

The suspect with the gun took the little boy to the upper flat of the house where he asked him to hand over all the money. Kuntie reported that when her nephew told them there was no money in the rooms, the suspect demanded that the child check all the drawers, which also did not contain any money.

Kuntie further explained that while the suspect and her nephew were coming down the stairs, halfway down the steps the suspect kicked the child who fell to the bottom of the stairs. She further stated that the men then locked them in the bottom flat of the house and padlocked the grill. Kuntie added that the robbers then calmly walked through the front of the shop and escaped in an unknown direction.

The victims then alerted their neighbours who later freed them. The police was immediately notified of the incident and shortly responded, taking a report from the family. According to Kuntie, she received injuries to her neck and head, while her mother received injuries to her chin and her face.

The police report notes that taken from the shop was $300,000 in cash, and a quantity of GT&T and Digicel phone cards. Premkumarie Singh was also robbed of one gold ring and a gold band valued $ 20,000 and one cellphone; Nardai was robbed of her wedding band, and her gold chain valued $46,000 and her cellphone; and Kuntie was robbed of two gold rings valued $30,000 and her gold chain.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV which was extracted by the police. The victims were taken to the hospital to seek medical attention, where they were treated and sent home. Investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

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