June 25, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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DPP to appeal decision to free Gary Best of causing death charge


The Director of Public Pro-secutions (DPP) Shalimar Ali-Hack yesterday served a notice of appeal to challenge the decision to free former Guyana Defence Force Chief of Staff Gary Best of the charge of causing the death of cyclist Jude Bentley by dangerous driving.

The DPP is seeking to have the decision rendered on December 3rd by Georgetown Magistrate Rhondel Weever set aside or reversed.

It was alleged that at approximately 4.31 am on February 8th, at Clive Lloyd Drive, Best drove a car, PRR 812, in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of Bentley, who had been to Sheriff Street to meet a group of cyclists. Best, who was proceeding in the same direction, has alleged that the cyclist suddenly appear-ed in front of him and that he applied brakes and the right side of the front of his vehicle collided with the cyclist, who fell onto the roadway and sustained injuries.

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