June 25, 2021

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Woman battles for life after stabbing from husband

Rajmattie Punni

A MOTHER of three is battling for her life after she was stabbed several times by her reputed husband who subsequently fled the scene.

Rajmattie Punni called “Shadira”, of Lot 105 Letter Kenny, East Berbice, is nursing several stab wounds, including a punctured lung. Her condition has been listed as critical. At approximately 13:05 hrs on Wednesday, she was attacked by her reputed husband following an argument.

An eyewitness, who asked not to be named, related that the reputed husband came home and
asked his wife if her family was teaching her what to do, and, despite her replying in the negative, he picked up a knife and began stabbing her in the upper body.
The woman began screaming for help.

Marks on Punni’s neck after her husband attempted to strangled her on Tuesday night

When one of the neighbours came to assist, the suspect raised the weapon towards her and urged her to back off. A 13-year-old son of the couple who was on his way to a nearby shop heard the screams and quickly ran back to the house where he saw his father armed with a
knife over his mother’s bloodied body.

The lad rushed to his mother’s assistance and pushed the father off and then urged his mother to “Get up and run”. With injuries and blood streaming from her wounds, the woman got up and ran but collapsed moments later in a neighbour’s yard.
She was picked up and rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital but was subsequently transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she remains a patient.

Meanwhile, a relative of Punni said the distraught woman reached out to her the night before the incident and sent a video displaying several marks of violence on her neck, after the suspect beat and attempted to strangle her. The relative added that for years Punni has been
abused by her husband and last year December she attempted to commit suicide.

“I always encourage reporting it and leaving him but she would be so fearful but she made up her mind recently so she has a court case on Monday and she was planning to show the video to the court and then leave,” the relative said.

Meanwhile, the police are currently seeking the whereabouts of the suspect. On Friday, Commander of B Division, Jairam Ramlakhan, visited the relatives of the victim and assured them that the investigating officers were working persistently to capture the suspect.

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