June 15, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Masked gunman, accomplice rob teacher of motorcycle

A 43-year-old male teacher was allegedly held at gunpoint and robbed of his motorcycle (Black XR) while riding home by two “masked” bandits, one of whom had been armed with a gun.

The incident took place on Tuesday at Tank Street, Wisroc Housing Scheme, Linden, and involved the teacher who is attached to the Christianburg Secondary School, Wismar, Linden.

The stolen motorbike is said to be worth $425,000.

According to a police release, on the day in question, the teacher had been proceeding towards his home “when a male wearing a dark short pants, light color T-shirt with a mask on his face emerged from the bushes pointing an object which appeared to be a hand gun and kicked him off the motorcycle.”

The teacher then fell to the ground while the armed suspect ventured towards him lying on the roadway and threatened to kill him if he didn’t comply with the demand(s).

The police further stated that another suspect then emerged from the bushes, wearing a “dark short pants, a light color T-shirt with a mask on his face and picked up the victim’s motorcycle.”

Both perpetrators mounted the motorcycle and then sped off in the Southern direction of the crime scene, making good their escape.

Investigations into the armed robbery are currently ongoing.

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