May 8, 2021

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Dear Pastor: Haven’t had a man since my husband died

Dear Pastor,

I am a 70-year-old woman. I have been reading your column for a long time and I still enjoy it. Some time ago, you got me out of serious trouble and I love you so much.

I have a beautiful property and I am trying to determine whether or not I should sell it and just enjoy the money. There is this man in my life who told me how much he loves me.

He was living in England for a long time, and he said he will go back. But now that he has met me, he does not want to go again. I am so happy. I don’t have any big bills to pay.

When my husband died, he left me in very good shape financially. But please don’t laugh at me. There are times when I do have the need for companionship. Some folks may think that people my age don’t have feelings for the opposite sex, but we do. Although I feel for company sometimes, I do not want any man in my life.

I have rented out part of the house. I have very good tenants. This is a large house and my tenants are very good people. I hope to write to you again. Continue to keep up your good work.


Dear D.,

I thank you very much for writing. I am very glad to hear that you still enjoy reading my column. You are 70 and the Lord will sustain you. Whatever was done for you was to the glory of God. Not many women can say that their husbands have left them financially secure. But you can say that he did not waste his money, and you also took good care of him until he died. Keep in touch with me.


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