June 25, 2021

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Gunmen murder sisters, ages 6 and 10, and their grandmother, 81- Jamaica

Extracted from The Star –

The haunting images of his six-year-old daughter Mishane clinging to life as he rushed her to the Spanish Town Hospital will remain in the mind of Chris McFarlane for eternity.

Neither will the chilling sight of the bodies of his other daughter, Kristina, 10, and his 81-year-old mother, Iceyln McFarlane, lying in pools of blood at their home.

Unfortunately, Mishane was also pronounced dead shortly after she reached the hospital. Walking around in disbelief, McFarlane stared at the crowd that stood outside the crime scene tape as police and soldiers gathered inside his yard in Tryall Heights, Spanish Town.

“Dem kill off mi family. Dem kill mi pickney dem and mi mada fi nutten at all. Mi and nuh man no have anything at all and dem execute mi family. Jesus might as well mi just dead too. Look how far mi a come from with mi daughter dem,” he cried.

A family member of the deceased said they were all killed execution style, and that gunmen stormed the home as McFarlane was cooking the Sunday dinner.

“Nobody in our family anno bad people. The man dem just enter fi kill. One a mi relative had to jump through a window with her baby to escape. The kids’ father had to run too, but Miss Icy and the children couldn’t run. Dem put har on her knee and murder har … Jesus this too much,” the relative wept.

Hushed tones

No motive has yet been established for the triple murder. Residents spoke in hushed tones, expressing shock, fear and grief as they tried to digest what had transpired sometime after 4 p.m.

“Everybody know Miss Icy and her family because they have been living here for years. The children were well mannered and attended Spanish Town Primary and Miss Icy was a nice old lady. She would go to church or you would just pass her on her verandah reading The Gleaner. She was always reading,” one resident told THE STAR.

Councillor for the Lauriston divsion, Keisha Lewis, said the usually peaceful Tryall Heights community has been under siege by gunmen in recent weeks and implored the police to maintain a strong presence there.

“There have been shooting incidents and one man was killed last week and now we have a triple murder. I am now wondering if we are raising a set of criminals who have no respect for people’s life, the law or decency,” she said. “I got the call when gunshots were blazing and it was not at the house, it was on the street. After the persons committed the murder, they continued to fire shots to make their escape. This is a gruesome and heartless act.”

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