June 14, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Suspect in murder of La Grange granny escapes from police

A female suspect in the murder of La Grange grandmother, Bibi Nasmonisha Ramjit, escaped police custody minutes after being handed over by Surinamese law enforcement officers on Wednesday, Regional Commander of Region Three Errol Watts told Guyana Guardian.

The commander said he learnt that the female along with a male suspect were sitting on a bench at the Springlands Police Station, Corentyne  after being handed over. The female suspect, who investigators believe is the mastermind of the murder, requested to use the washroom. With no female rank at the station, a male rank accompanied her and waited outside. However, while he was waiting, the suspect made good her escape.

Watts, while noting that this should never have happened, said they are currently in pursuit of the suspect and hopes she will be apprehended soon

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