May 8, 2021

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Nyvin’s Homemade Juice- Local Juice supplier with vitamin packed products.

Local juice has always been an aged old vitamin supplement and thirst quencher for many Guyanese, Nyvin’s Homemade Juice has gone a step further at bringing standard to the Local juice industry.

Founded by CEO Nyvin John a University of Guyana graduate and businessman, Nyvin’s Homemade Juice was founded roughly 2 years ago.

Located at 34 public Road kitty Georgetown the business primarily operates on a delivery-to-door based.

“We produce natural juices that doesn’t contain additives. Juices can be enriched by Cane sugar or Calorie sugar. Unsweetened juices are also provided, pressed juices ( juices without water or sweetener) are provided. We also produce fruit punch that contains Strawberry, Raspberry, and other berries. We also have pure ginger available”

Some of the products offer at Nyvin’s Homemade juice

Nyvin’s Homemade Juice has been the elixir for some who choose to use the vitamin packed products to boost their immune systems during the pandemic with recommendations from WHO to take vitamin enriched foods and juices. Some of the varieties available are also infused with lemon grass!

“Customers can expect goodness in Every sip. Immune system will be boosted to fight against viruses. You will be satisfied and your body will be nourished. Juices are affordable.”

The establishment has also collaborated with PRO juice to bring a variety of juices enriched with honey.

Nyvin’s Homemade Juice can be contacted on 6158049 for inquiries on delivery and the wide array of products they have available.

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