June 25, 2021

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Adrian ‘ A.G.B A God Boy’ Banton- Making an impact through Gospel music

Adrian George Banton who goes by the stage name A.G.B A God Boy has been making quite the impact through his christ filled message music in recent months. Banton who released an album on October 17th 2020 entitled ‘Lord Use me’ has already seen significant feedback in album sales and over all fanbase.

The Florida based artiste has been in the music industry for over 30 years with 32 years of experience as a ‘selector’ in the dancehall music arena earning the title of one of the most sought after selectors during his years in the industry.

The artiste who later gave his life to the dedication of christ switched music lanes to bring forward the message of christ in his music. Functioning on the Broward County School Board the artiste began his journey and penned the 10 track album that is now available on all streaming platforms receiving great reviews worldwide. He also engages his audience on the Kingdom Biz show via Facebook with uplifting music and dynamic discussions on the Word of God.

Adrian ‘ A.G.B A God Boy’ Banton

“Fans can expect good quality music, mostly strongly message music to lead you to christ. It’s about christ. I think I’m a messenger per say . I think I’m a messenger more than an artiste because i get my songs from god”

When asked by this publication on what his music is about, the artiste made these sentiments with regards to what fans can expect from his music and the overall aim of the music that is being placed on streaming platforms.

“They just play in my head. I don’t sit and think about songs you know I pray to god and we talk on a regular basis and god gives me my songs as messages. I think all my songs are messages because they mean something and they all lead you to christ.”

When asked about his music inspirations the artiste also made mention of ‘Papa San’ who was also in the dancehall arena and went towards the direction of preaching and is the pastor of the church that he attends.

“[When] I was living in the Dancehall world Papa San has always been my inspiration in the circular world and now he’s my pastor now. Apostle Tyrone Thompson aka Papa San”

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