April 18, 2021

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Remembering Dennis E. Adonis – 1975-2019

Adonis who passed away in early 2019 died as a result of internal hemorrhage in the brain. Today Mark's the 45th birthday of the icon.

Our admiration for Dennis Adonis grows by the day a literary scholar acknowledged by the English and international bodies. Adonis who passed away in early 2019 died as a result of internal hemorrhage in the brain. Today Mark’s the 45th birthday of the icon.

The entry notes with some modesty that “his philosophical quotes and literary sayings (particularly on politics and social challenges) are widely used by scholars, journalists, speakers and political protesters (notably in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East) whenever they wish to make sarcastic references to electoral processes, or in other circumstances of human philosophy…”

However it has not all been smooth sailing for this publishing titan:

‘Though there are disputed accounts surrounding the exact date, Dennis Adonis is believed to have remigrated to his home country Guyana, from Barbados (and England) some time in mid 2005.[citation needed] He immediately went about establishing a string of partnership business operations in education, internet service provision, small business funding, and entertainment management.

However, by 2009, all of the entities had dwindled down to commercial failures or were already collapsing under financial exhaustion. This later placed him in a legal quandary and having to contend with repeated accusations of financial impropriety, which subsequently attracted a prolong series of negative local media coverage. He was later tried by three Guyanese courts at various periods regarding the accusations, but in each case the trial Judges had ruled that he was not guilty, and thus dismissed all of the accusations that was leveled against him.”

At this point a humbled Adonis embarked on an astonishingly prolific publishing career

“As at January 2014, his portfolio has expanded to a collection of twenty one written books covering various genres, ranging from educational textbooks, children illustration books, poetry, and novels. But only nineteen of them are known to be published…By some accepted accounts, Dennis Adonis is known to have propel several literary feats particularly in the area of philosophical writing…The Hindustan Times, the Association for Asian Studies, and the Times of India has regarded his history novel; 1838, as probably “the first known literary piece to provide a documented chronology of the perilous journey of the first group of Indians to have arrived in Guyana from India in 1838”.

Among his later non-fiction books are “A Guide to Better Sex”, “How to Deal With Broken Relationships”, “How To Survive Separation and Loneliness”.

However such a genius is not appreciated in his homeland

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