June 25, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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15 Year-Old boy commits suicide infront of sister

The reported suicide of a 15yr old boy is being investigated by the police. The alleged suicide happened Wednesday afternoon at Triumph on the East Coast of Demerara.

Investigating ranks were told that when the teen”s father left home for work he left his licensed firearm, a glock 17 pistol with a number of matching rounds on top of a built-in closet which is located in his bedroom on the lower flat.

“ His wife left shortly after for work, leaving the baby sitter alone with the teen, his brother and sisters”, police said .

“ According to one of the sisters, she was inside her room when her brother went into her bedroom and give her a book page with writing and went back into his bedroom. As a result, she followed him and saw when he went into his haversack and took out a firearm and closed his bedroom door and shortly after she heard a gun shot. She went downstairs and told the baby sitter what she saw. The baby sitter was at that time downstairs with the other brother”, a police report states.

The matter was subsequently reported to the police who visited the scene and observed “a suspected gun shot wound to the left side temple and an exit wound to the right side head while the firearm was next to his hand. A spent shell and a war head were also recovered.”

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