June 25, 2021

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Young entrepreneur and medical student operates major food establishment.

25 year-old Entrepreneur and aspiring doctor Junior Ramkelawan has been quite the inspiration for many young entrepreneurs with his food establishment. Ramkelawan who first brought forward Juniors’ Barbeque Grill and Burgers roughly 3 years back now has several locations of operation.

From Buffalo wings with fries to Chicken and beef burgers the taste of every product offered at the establishment is nothing short of sensational and if you were to take an occasional stroll along the well known areas of the kingston sea wall area you’d be able to share the same sentiment and try what Juniors’ Barbeque Grill and Burgers has to offer.

Entrepreneur and medical students Junior Ramkelawan

The establishment also boasts a location in Diamond East Bank Demerara Opposite the Diamond Hospital. When asked by this publication on customers and potential customer can expect the young businessman had this to say;

“ Besides the usual menu that we already run we want to cater more for our clientele and their culinary needs by expanding our daily menu. We will be introducing more local cuisine like curry and I mean curry in every fashion imaginable. Beef curry, chicken curry , mutton and goat curry….the possibilities are endless you have to see it to believe it”

They’re also plans in the works to establish more locations as customers continue to demand locations within their proximity.

“We have customers from a variety of locations that come to taste what we have and the demand has been so great that we’re now looking at establishing some more locations. We’re going to meet some of our customers half and tap into other markets”

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