June 25, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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57 year old Cotton Tree Resident Arrested Over Brutal Murders of Teen Boys

Police have arrested a 57-year-old man in connection with the brutal murders of two teenage boys whose battered bodies were found in the Cotton Tree backdam, West Coast Berbice on Sunday afternoon.

More than five hours after the incident, the Police have not yet issued a comprehensive statement on the murders and the very brief statement did not provide any information on how the young men met their gruesome death.

However, Senior Superintendent of police and commander of Region 5, Edmond Cooper on Sunday afternoon confirmed that the bodies of two teenagers have been found at Cotton Tree backdam, West Coast Berbice.

Cooper said it is being investigated as a double murder since the 16 and 17yr old boys were found with their throats slashed and with other marks of violence.

They have been identified as Iasiah Henry and Joel, both of Number.3. Village West Coast Berbice.

Police were told that the teenagers went to Cotton Tree Backdam on Saturday last and did not return.

One of the teens was slashed across the head and face, leaving the markings of an “X”.

The boys are said to be related to former Minister of Education Nicolette Henry M.P.


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