June 25, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Rio Cafè has been reopened!

A popular cafe and hangout spot Rio Cafè has been relaunched under new management. Located on 248 Forshaw street Rio Cafè has everything that you need to satisfy your hunger for food in one of the best establishments Guyana has to offer.

From Burgers to Barbecue chicken and smoothies Rio Cafè aims to cater for your culinary needs.

A section of the new menu at Rio Cafè

“At Rio Cafè we’re doing something different. Something that makes you want to come back and eat every time. We focus on the quality and taste of our meals and we aim to provide nothing but the best to our clientel”

Statement by Management of the newly reopened Cafe on what customers can expect at the establishment.

The Cafè operates from 10:00 hours to the last curfew hour.

Orders can be placed by contacting 661-4402 or 661-1618

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