June 25, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Mechanic injured after boat explodes at New Amsterdam Stelling

Firefighters in a bid to extinguish the burning boat  

A mechanic was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital on Monday after the boat he was working on exploded.

Fizul Adams was refueling the ‘Grady White’ which was docked at the New Amsterdam Stelling when the vessel caught afire and exploded sometime before noon.

According to information reaching Guyana Guardian, Adams was using a built-in pump to re-fuel a privately-owned white fiberglass boat with black trim when the tank overflowed causing the fuel to spill on the stern of the vessel.

The spill set in motion a blaze.

Within moments of the onset of the fire, there was aloud explosion causing the boat to drift under the stelling and burst into flames.

Adams, who was onboard the vessel, was unable to get off in time and fell overboard following the explosion.

Flames engulfed the boat even as public-spirited citizens rushed to rescue Adams, who had drifted away from the inferno. He was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he remains a patient.

The New Amsterdam firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and prevented the fire from spreading onto the stelling docks.

The badly damaged boat was eventually turned on its side to allow water to seep onboard to prevent the fire from burning the entire boat to ashes.

Investigations are ongoing.

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