April 18, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Kareem “cKush” Lewis dubbed the number one Artiste in Guyana.

Kareem “cKush” Lewis has been hitting the Guyanese music industry hard with hits after hits. With collaborations ranging among some of the top Caribbean artiste.

The artiste gained the title of the Caribbean’s “Jay Z” earlier this year in an article published in Guyana Guardian. The artiste has since made several ground breaking accomplishments in the music industry.

cKush recently came into controversy with an unknown artiste, who made an attempt at dissing the artiste. This didn’t end well for the artiste. cKush made one clap back at the artiste who eventually went into to hiding.

cKush during a studio recording

cKush continued to pushed his music with the release of singles and collaborations including “No Eggball” and “Dunce Thugs” with Drew Thoven. The chemistry between the music of both artiste lead birth to the aforementioned songs.

Radio plays created an aura of upliftment and a sense of pride in almost every Guyanese home when these songs were being played, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

Little did Drew and cKush know that their collaborations would’ve sparked a chain reaction in the music industry.

Kareem has always been a pillar of influence for a number of young Guyanese artistes, setting the record for being one of the first to pioneer cross Caribbean collaborations with top artistes.

With 14 albums and mixtapes (unrecorded) and chart topping singles on the local scene, it’s hard not to see why the artiste is ranked at number one.

cKush who’s main genre is Rap music is one of the first artiste to rap with a Guyanese dialect which earned respect from both artiste and fans. cKush was even dubbed by fans as the “Godfather” of the music industry in Guyana.

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