May 8, 2021

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Christopher “Chris Nelson” Nelson- from math tutor to engineer to Reggae artiste. 

Christopher “Chris Nelson” Nelson (a 20 year old reggae artiste ) story isn’t the conventional one and seems to stand out from most of the new artiste that have been making the recent headlines

The artiste main genre of music surrounds reggae. The artiste managed to stray away from the usual narrative in music portraying wealth, women etc to lean towards music that lyrically aims at charging fans positively.

Recording reggae artiste Christopher “Chris Nelson” Nelson

“Most of my songs are based on what I went through and what I observe is happening around us. My music’s mainly surrounds positive messages, something someone can take away to be a better version of themselves. Everyone wants to see a better tomorrow, so I am playing my part in making that happen”

The artiste who first started to record in 2018 released his debut single “Do my best” and has since been recording and releasing tracks like “World to me” , “Story of a bredda” and singles that have been in the mainstream.

Recording artiste Christopher “Chris Nelson” Nelson during a performance

The artiste who is set to release his debut album in December is expected to be a ground breaking album and to set a standard for reggae music in Guyana.

“One of my goals is to have something to show for my musical talent, that is to publish my first album. An Album that nations will love, make a positive impact and people can find great inspiration from”

The artiste can be found on the following social links:

@Chris Nelson Musiq, Instagram @chrisnelson_20 , Facebook fan page @chrisnelson, Audiomack, soundcloud

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