May 8, 2021

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Burris “Limyt” Griffith- an artiste with a different sound

Burris “Limyt” Griffith’s story isn’t the conventional one and seems to stand out from most of the new artiste that have been making the recent headlines

Limyt hails from Berbice and the artiste has been leaving his fanbase astounded with his new sound. The artiste uses Guyanese dialect to both rap and sing on alternate rap melodic beats in a story telling fashion.

“Cow dam” and “Not a love song” have been the artiste debut and leading singles. The melodies of the tracks are a mix between grime, rap and dancehall the artiste who’s primary genre of music is dancehall managed to mix rap and dancehall to create an alternate sound.

Burris “Limyt” Griffith

“My fans know that I always bring the heat. Every track I do is different. It’s something that people can relate to. Something that my fans love and adore”

The artiste also hinted at an upcoming movie project that he’s been cooking up for his fans.

“A “Cow dam” movie is gonna be out there soon. It’ll be released soon. My fans already know what to expect”

The artiste has also been working on several tracks staring international artiste , primarily in Jamaica. The artiste also mentioned that his primary source of inspiration comes from his daughter.

From artiste to actor to song writer what can’t Limyt do? Catch more details of his upcoming projects on youtube and Facebook.

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