May 8, 2021

Guyana Guardian

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Guyanese photographer on the rise – Darrin Smith

Darrin smith a 25 year old photographer and engineer who originates from Wakapoa Region 2 has been making considerable contributions to the photography and media industry in Guyana.

The photographer who mainly photographs nature and the aesthetics of flora and fauna of Guyana’s rainforest has been receiving recognition for his work.

The photographer also does wedding and portrait photoshoots.

Darrin always kept photography as a hobby but opted to go professional with his nikon camera.

The engineer/ photographer certainly placed his engineering skills into his photography with perfectly angled shots aimed at creating the very aesthetic that we crave in our photos.

” (Firstly) I wanted to show the beauty of Wakapoa Village which is my home, located in Region 2 to other Guyanese and the way to do that was through photography and videography and I think its absolutely wonderful that Guyanese get to appreciate what we have there as well”

Darrin who also shares interest in the media industry in Guyana plans to expand his catalog to more than just photography with a team of media experts that focuses on multimedia.

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