May 8, 2021

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Gonclear & Foreign Kiyz- Guyanese artiste making it locally and abroad

George “gonclear” Anderson and keon “foreign kiyz” anderson are a duo originating from Guyana. The duo who are brothers by blood have been creating quite a buzz with chart topping tracks and radio plays.

The duo who had been recording since 2009 but opted to record professionally in early 2020 and released several tracks.

The duo are among the artiste who have been paving the way for a new sound within the music industry.

“expect a lot of positive energy , positive message and consistency . We want to speak for everyone so we can all connect. We will be telling about stories through our music. What we’re doing is something different. Something that can be looked at as a legacy and we’re gonna keep putting out those chart topping tracks “

The duo had also mentioned that they’re working on a mix tape that’s set to be released soon. Their fanbases have jumped by over 2,000 since the release of “We outside ” , “Justice” and “lifestyle” which have gained recognition over the past few weeks.

“We appreciate all the support that we’ve been receiving from our fanbase. They’re always in support of what we do and our music and we’ve always been told that our music resonates well with them”

The duo is expected to be the next “x2” of Guyana with potential to even surpass the duo with the traction that they’ve gained in a matter of weeks according to experts.

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