May 8, 2021

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Kristoff “Azariel” Sauns “Lwlss” boss of dancehall music in Guyana

Kristoff Azariel Sauns who goes by the alias “Lwlss boss” or “Azariel” has been creating quite a buzz on social media with his most recent tracks.

The 24 year old Dancehall artiste has been nothing short of phenomenal. As he has mastered both a career in aircraft engineering and being one of the leading dancehall artiste in Guyana. The “Lwlss boss” has been recording music since 2017 with numerous singles being released from then to now.

Since his debut single the artiste has been receiving widespread recognition and support from the local music industry as well as the Caribbean. The artiste has also built up a fanbase in Jamaica, which is the home country of the genre of music he’d sing, Dancehall music.

“I’m a Guyanese dancehall artiste but one of my most popular songs, “Malfunction” (woman lie down and man can’t function) can be considered soca.
Other tracks include Choice, Real Guyanese, 64 Bars etc”

The artiste boasts a catalog of a number of singles and his debut album the “Lwlss” album.

” My “Lwlss” album is a 14 track compilation. I have countless singles. All my released music are on YouTube, audiomack, soundcloud, apple music, spotify etc”

The artiste is among a string of Guyanese artiste who have been helping to create a new sound in the local music industry.

Guyana is expected to see a boom in the local music industry as it continues to receive widespread recognition and support both locally and internationally.

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