April 18, 2021

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Artiste on the rise Evander “sparvander” assanah

Evander assanah who goes by the stage name sparvander has been stirring up interest with his recent tracks.

The 20 year old artiste is amount the wave of Guyanese artiste with a new sound.

The young artiste who’s has recorded around 10 tracks on an EP has been receiving widespread recognition on social media as well as sound cloud and youtube.

The dance hall artiste is expected to release his first solo album next year.

“I always wanted to be an inspiration in the music industry. My influences came in particular from masicka a jamaican dance hall artiste who’s work I always respected “

When asked about what fans can expect the artiste had this to say

“Fans can expect nothing but the best. The for album I drop is going to be something different. We’re coming with a different sound all together”

A list of the artiste tracks include

1.The style
2.locked in
3.money talk
5.push back
6.jiggle up
7.freaky vibes

Which comes out from his EP are all available I’m soundcloud, youtube and audiomack.

Cover art for his leading single elevate

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