June 15, 2021

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Romario Cameron launches Innovative Shopping and Shipping GY

Innovative shopping and shipping Gy was established in early 2017 by CEO romario Roberts and has been growing since the business endeavor started.

Romario, who sought to make a difference in the world or entrepreneurs has been instrumental in providing products varying from fashion to much needed supplies during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Company logo and contact information

Through Innovative shopping and shipping Gy you can get anything from baby supplies , sanitation materials , clothing and even much needed food items at reduced prices.

When asked by this publication on what inspired Romario to start this business endeavor he had this to say:

CEO Romario Cameron

” I loved entrepreneurship, starting innovative shopping and shipping was just a thought of helping the amount of people country wide that might not have access to the modern day technology of Visa cards , access to the internet, access to mobile devices to be able to actually do this service on their own. At first, I only provided the service to family members and close friends for free and they all was amazed by the way The service was excellent and suggested that I start a business”

When asked about what Guyanese can expect from his company a commentary note was made on the question

“I am also focusing on building a whole line of establishments with the name “Innovative” and not just the online shopping and shipping service. This is just the beginning of an innovative empire. The continued support is very much appreciated.”

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