August 5, 2021

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Could Kareem “cKush” Lewis be the Caribbean’s next Jay Z?

Guyanese artist Kareem “cKush” Lewis has been nothing short of controversial since his debut. With 14 albums (unrecorded) and chart topping singles on the local scene, his potential to be the Caribbean’s next Jay Z is becoming more increasingly clear.

Earlier in his career Kareem started recording on an iPhone 3G and since then has continued to write music even to this day.

Kareem “ckush” Lewis recording music

“I’ve started off recorded my music with an iPhone 3G and since then I’ve never stopped writing. I’ve pushed myself to practice writing at least 3 songs per day. This gradually developed a skilled called the “freestyle” where I can make lyrics on the spot and sing without even writing a word down”

“I’m at a creative space where I can make music of any genre with this level of versatility”

Kareem has always been a pillar of influence for a number of young Guyanese artistes, setting the record for being one of the first to pioneer cross Caribbean collaborations with top artistes.

Besides his music career, he continues to thrive in the business environment. Making him arguably similar in business tactics to Jay Z.

“To date, I’ve compiled over 14 complete mixtapes and albums (unrecorded)
Regardless of how my music is viewed by others I believe in myself So I’ve never stopped I’m just waiting on the right time
So there wouldn’t be any stopping now”

When asked by this publication about what his fans and Guyanese should expect Kareem “cKush” Lewis had this to say

Kareem “ckush” Lewis performing at a stage show

“I never limit myself to Guyana
So the world could expect talent breaking a communication and language barrier”

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