May 8, 2021

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Ask yourself- Will Guyana ever cease to be under a lock down?

Since COVID 19 has entered Guyana the number of cases have been increasing rapidly and Guyana is at number 2 among Caribbean countries for the number of confirmed cases.

Now everyone has a question on their head, will Guyana ever go back to normalcy? The answer the experts have may shock you.

Social distancing has played a role in flattening the curve in relation to COVID 19 but the number of confirmed cases continue to go up. What are we doing wrong? In reality Guyanese aren’t following social distancing regulations.

The WHO(World Health Organization ) has recommended that we stay three feet apart at minimum and not to leave unless its necessary. However, if you were to go into our capital city you’d easily bump shoulders with someone passing by due to how packed the streets are especially in the stabroek market area.

And that’s where our problem is……

Experts based on calculations of the travel trends of Guyanese have mentioned that at the current rate it might be impossible to curve this pandemic.

“It’s going to be disastrous if Guyanese continue to operate the way they do. It’ll never end until everyone plays their role”

That was one of the comments made by our experts. In conclusion, at that rate we’re going we’re doomed, unless we adhere to the restrictions set out by the world health organization.

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