April 18, 2021

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Venezuelans chopped by Brazilian miner over incident surrounding a cigarette

one of the injured Venezuelans

Two Venezuelan miners were chopped about their bodies several times while a Brazilian is nursing injuries to his face after being punched repeatedly during an argument that revolved around a cigarette.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian’s son, who is also a miner, is now in police custody after using a cutlass to severely chop the two Venezuelans during the wee hours of Tuesday morning  at a shop in the Tamakay Backdam, Middle Mazaruni River, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

Reports are that around 00:15hrs, 33-year-old Alex Romero and 36-year-old Marco Sanchez,  Venezuelan miners, were imbibing in the company of their Brazilian friend, a 23-year-old miner, when the incident occurred.

Guyana Guardian understands that the incident was initiated after  Romero asked the suspect’s  father   for a cigarette.

The  Brazilian  stated that he did not have a cigarette in his possession which reportedly  annoyed Romero, who immediately began to  punch the older man in the face.

Reports are that when the 23-year-old miner saw his father being beaten, he armed himself with a cutlass and used the weapon to defend the older man, resulting in Romero receiving several chops about his body.

The other Venezuelan miner, Sanchez, intervened in the altercation  and  received several chops to his hand.

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